The need to detox.

the ocean makes me feel cleansed

the ocean makes me feel cleansed

The way I understand it (though let’s face it with all this brain fog taking over, understanding anything it a bit hit and miss) is that the need for us to detox is as important as our medication protocol – indeed the two form coherent aspects of any lyme treatment protocol.

Toxins are released from dead spirochets, and our bodies are flooded with these toxins – so whilst it is great that the bacteria is being killed, if we don’t find a way to rid our bodies of these toxins, we will feel pretty sick (sometimes very very sick).

There seem to be almost a million ways to detox, so each week I thought I would try something new and tell you how I found it.

What do you do? I like ways that combine some form of relaxation – makes it more likely I will stick with it.

Infrared Sauna
The largest organ in the human body is our skin, so using it to sweat out our toxins is the most efficient method I have heard about. I read somewhere that 20 minutes of sweating is equivalent to the work kidneys are capable of in 24 hours (I don’t know how reliable that is – I never double checked). I also heard that Borrelia and Babesia cannot thrive in excessive heat. Bring on the sauna!

I gather that this means if you go too hard, too fast, flare ups can happen, so I guess the best thing is to use a sauna as you do most other medicines – to take it slowly.

I bought an infrared sauna – it was a great expense (I have since been told that there are cheaper, portable versions out there). I am not sure about you but my capacity to feel temperature is failing me. I am almost always cold, and when I run a bath for my child I need to ask someone to check the temperature for me, because what feels ok or even cool to me, is far far too hot for my child.

My joints ache like I am ninety, so I love my sauna – I sit in there, read a book, and on a rare day I might even manage a stretch or two.

Infrared saunas have a different method for heating up the body than the steamy saunas I have used before. It does this through infrared radiation. The infrared radiation is able to heat up deeper levels of tissue than what would other wise be possible for a non-infrared sauna or steam room. As I understand it there is a higher concentration of toxins in sweat from an infrared sauna.

I keep a dry brush in the sauna, and while I am in there I dry brush my body.

I dry brush starting with the soles of my feet and work my way up. I have read that you should brush in upward strokes towards the heart, I have also read circles are good. Does anyone know if it really matters which direction you use?

In an infrared sauna, the air surrounding the person is cool. This is totally different to non-infrared saunas, where the air can become incredibly hot. My metal water bottle is never hot, even though I am sweating away for up to an hour. Actually I read novels in the sauna, I just completed a 400 page history book, and not a single page shows the slightest sign of damp.

After the sauna I take a shower – I don’t use soap, trying to give my body more of a chance to detoxify itself. I read that a cold shower is best, but for now I am trying a warm shower.

Next week I am hoping to try adding home brewed herbal teas to my detox agenda. Do you have any hints for me?

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