Just walk in the sunshine

walking at Austinmer

So a few days ago I was pretty miserable, but today the sun was shining, my son was in daycare… and I have found that the Naproxen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naproxen) tablets really do mask the joint pain for a few hours.

So who was I to waste a precious moment? I grabbed a bottle of water, a sunhat, my trusty 50 plus swim jacket, my saltwater sandals and hit the beach.

I walked for almost an hour – it has been many months since I could last do anything like that. My knees are wobbly this evening, but I do not care – it felt amazing, I felt like I was free.

Of course it should be stated that salt water is a great way to detox – to balance the body. Who knew medicine could work so many wonders to the spirit and the body?

I did not think or plan, I did not try to control my day – I just walked. I had to concentrate to ensure I did not lose my footing, and that was enough to stop me over-thinking.

I hope you all get a day out like that.

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