and let the Christmas festivities begin

I just adore Christmas – I love Santa Claus, I love (LOVE) buying presents for people I love, I love drinking the best champagne I can afford.
I also really loved eating ham.

This year I won’t be able to eat ham, or pork, or beef or lamb. Thanks to the tick who gave me Lyme, I also developed the alpha-gal allergy – in my case, an anaphylaxis allergy to the meat of mammals. One slice of corned beef no bigger than two fingers is enough to warrant an ambulance.

But what is the use moping about what cannot be? New traditions will be found, we will develop some great ways to celebrate this fun holiday.

My son turns four on the 11th of January so we do not get into Christmas too much until after his birthday. It is a busy month.

I should explain that I have a habit of going somewhat overboard on the buying presents front. To try to curb my tendency towards extravagance my husband and I concocted a cunning plan. Each year we will pick a country/region, and as much as possible we will celebrate Christmas according to the traditions said country. The idea is that Santa Claus will visit my son, giving my son gifts from that country.

For this Christmas we have chosen Scandinavia (particularly Norway, but widening the scope a little for the purpose of buying presents my son will love). I am so excited.

Seeing as Christmas here in Australia is a summer affair, we won’t be cooking the common Norwegian Christmas fare (and because if I did I would probably die). We will cook some salmon, make a Norwegian summer cake, and eat fresh berries.

Norwegian summer cake (in a messy kitchen)

Norwegian summer cake (in a messy kitchen)

Today, being the 1st December we lit a candle, as they do in Norway, I have made my son an Advent calendar, which I will fill with chocolates and little treats.

we will light bees' wax candles every night until Christmas

we will light bees’ wax candles every night until Christmas

I hope that whatever is happening you all find a way to enjoy the Christmas season, taking the time to care for yourselves, but also enjoy the love and support of those dear to you.

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