Welcome to my place of dialogue during these long days of healing. On this blog I will share my attempts to rid my body (and soul) of Lyme Disease, and document the changes I make through diet, skin care and movement.

I live my life with a loving husband, who works from home as an artist. My own profession sees me manage an artists-in-residence program for Performing Artists. We have a son who is about to turn four, and an aging cat, the Grand dame Miscelleneous Mistle Muscle Moo-Shoo (Moo-Moo for short), and a standard poodle called Enzo. We live on the south-east coast of Australia, in a small coastal village 1 ½ hours from Sydney.

I am a day-dreamer by nature, and when I am not thus engaged, I am probably reading. I love children’s literature, young adult literature, literature from the middle ages, and tend towards the literary cannon – though I have been making a concerted effort to read living authors. I also have a great love for historical fiction.

I love history – especially the middle ages, but am also pretty mad on the 1910-1950s too – such amazing decades for music, literature, painting and of coarse for the social and political freedoms. I completed my Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Middle English, and later went on to study Museum Studies. I adore historical dramas, and given how dreadful I am with technology am sure I am living in the wrong century.

I would love to learn to play the lute, I adore listening to the cello, and am wild for jazz. Give me some Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie or Charlie Parker any day.

Thank you for visiting.


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